Welcome to XboxGamers

XG launched a couple of months ago with the aim of building a gaming community of people who like to jump on the Xbox for a bit of gaming and a chat. We know many people have small amounts of people they game with, the idea is to bring some groups together and run friendly leagues and tournaments.

PGA Tour 2k21
When we launched the website, we never really focused on promoting one particular game. My gaming group focused on Fifa, Golf, COD etc however when we begun to promote the site TGC 2019 quickly gathered the most members. We now run Golf leagues with multiple divisions, Golf Community nights which rarely have less than 12 people in a  XBL party (these are better drunk). 
We recently introduced an ELO Ladder which allows anybody to play a matchplay at anytime and submit the scores on the forum. The admins will then update the ladder. Finally we run MatchPlay tournaments which get a min of 16 people. We have now moved to PGA Tour 2k21 which is at the very early stages!

Other Games
We do run some Fifa cups, but mainly we run Fifa Pro Clubs nights. We recently started hosting COD nights which is again about partying up with headsets and doing some private games. As the site grows we will run community nights on other games.

So how do I get involved?

First of all you need to register an account in the forums. This is the hub of our community. Sign up takes only seconds and is absolutely free..


I want to be involved in a league. What happens now?
Use our signup thread on the forums to register for events such as community nights, leagues, the ELO ladder requires no signup. If you play a game against a fellow site member you submit the score. Once that is done all you pretty much need to do is show up and play, the rest is done by the admins.